• Denys Zakrytov Odessa national medical university
  • Navneet Kaur Odessa national medical university


Ключові слова:

pharmacoeconomics, pharmacotherapy, cost, consequences, pharmaceutical care


Pharmacoeconomics identifies, measures, and compares the costs and consequences of drug therapy to health care systems and society. This article discusses the principles and methods of pharmacoeconomics and how they can be applied to clinical pharmacy practice, and thereby how they can assist in the valuation of pharmacotherapy and other modalities of treatment in clinical practice. By understanding the principles, methods, and application of pharmacoeconomics, health care professionals will be prepared to make better, more informed decisions regarding the use of pharmaceutical products and services.

Біографія автора

Denys Zakrytov, Odessa national medical university

assistant of Social medicine,

medical law and management


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